Duna Mirante Gin

The typical notes of Juniper blend with the spice of Myrtle. The saline fragrance of Sea Fennel roll into the essence of Rosemary, evolving into fresh hints of Thyme. The citrusy expression of the Lemon Peel and the balsamic tones of Eucalyptus weave a surprising aromatic profile with Mastic Tree. The sweet flavours of Sea Fennel precede a bitter twist on the finish, typical of Juniper and Mastic Tree. Clean, dry and long.


Juniper, Mastic Tree, Rosemary, Sea Fennel, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Myrtle, Lemon Peel


Duna Mirante - from the costal dunes of the area “Monaco Mirante” near the town of Campomarino (commune of Maruggio) – in the Italian southern region of Puglia. The botanicals grow few steps from the Ionian Sea, nearby these beautiful dunes: a natural sanctuary where the sea breeze glides among the dunes, merging with the perfumes of the wild Mediterranean herbs.


Manual picking, selecting the best botanicals.


According to the tradition of London Dry Gin.
The juniper berries and other aromatic plants are immersed in a solution of water and grain alcohol in a still. They are left to rest at 40°-50°C for three days before distillation. Distillation is carried out using the discontinuous method in traditional pot stills and in small batches. Ethyl alcohol, during its evaporation, carries with it the aromatic components of the herbs. The distillate obtained is filtered, refrigerated and then mixed with spring water from the Dolomites, until it reaches 42% alcohol volume. It is then left to rest for 7 days, before it is filtered and bottled.




50 cl.